Bribery and Corruption

Ford faces trial on MPG estimates

Ford Motor Co. will have to face trial over claims that it exaggerated fuel-efficiency estimates for its Fusion and C-Max hybrids after a federal judge in New York denied the company's request to dismiss the case.

Bloomberg Business, 16 November 2015

Petrobras probe turns to bribes in U.S. refinery purchase

Brazilian investigators inspecting Petrobras have now begun examining the purchase of the Pasadena refinery, which prosecutors believe was secured by a Belgian trading company paying $15 million in bribes.

Bloomberg Business, 16 November 2015

Telenor ASA suspends two Executives in relation to the VimpelCom investigation

Telenor ASA, a phone company owned by the Norwegian government, has temporarily suspended two executives following a review by Deloitte into bribes allegedly paid in Uzbekistan by VimpelCom Ltd. VimpelCom Ltd. has set aside $900 million to cover possible U.S. and Dutch fines.

Bloomberg Business, 11 November 2015

Money Laundering

Accused Bitcoin launderer denies guilt

Anthony Murgio is accused of operating the bitcoin exchange ( used to launder the proceeds of crime from a global network.

Mr Murgio has pleaded not guilty to money laundering, running an illegal bitcoin exchange, wire fraud and conspiracy.

Bloomberg Business, 17 November 2015


SFO charges first individuals with EURIBOR manipulation

The SFO has charged 10 individuals, six former employees of Deutsche Bank and 4 former employees of Barclays, with conspiracy to manipulate the Euribor benchmark.

SFO, 13 November 2015

Former broker tells Libor trial he lied about his influence on the rate

At the opening of the defence in London’s second Libor trial, Darrell Read, a former broker at Icap, told a jury that he lied to Tom Hayes about his ability to influence the London Interbank Offered Rate (Libor) and made up a string of excuses when published rates did not reflect Hayes's requests.

The Guardian, 17 November 2015

Health and Safety

Worker killed by falling power press

Morgan Technical Ceramics Ltd was fined a total of £180,000 after a worker was killed when a machine weighing an estimated half a tonne fell on him.

Health and Safety Executive, 13 November 2015

Building firm fined after worker hit by mobile platform

Base Build Services Ltd has been prosecuted after a worker suffered a broken leg and facial injuries when a boom type elevated working platform (MEWP) fell from the forks of a tele-handler machine. The company was fined £10,000.

Health and Safety Executive, 13 November 2015

Landlord fined after family suffer carbon monoxide poisoning

A landlord has been fined £2,360 after a family of five suffered carbon monoxide poisoning at their rented home.

Health and Safety Executive, 12 November 2015

Fireman jailed over flat blaze which killed 5 people

A fireman has been jailed for 15 months following the deaths of 5 people after he failed in his duties as a landlord to take general fire precautions. 

BBC, 20 November 2015