FCA speaks on consumer credit: Linda Woodall, Director of Mortgage and Consumer Lending at FCA, has addressed in a speech to the British Bankers' Association the practical issues of the new consumer credit regime. The speech focused on FCA's principles-based approach to regulation and announced the imminent launch of the market study into credit cards. (Source: Consumer Credit Seminar)

FCA facilitates requests for more proportional remuneration rules: FCA is making available templates for firms to apply for FCA individual guidance on the proportionality level applying to them in the context of the remuneration rules. (Source: Application to Vary a Firm's Proportionality Level)

FCA and LSB update MoU: FCA has published an updated version of its Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the Lending Standards Board (LSB). (Source: FCA and LSB Update MoU)