Following the proposals outlined by the Government in the tier 4 consultation document referred to above, there has been an increase in applications for Highly Trusted Sponsor (HTS) licences.

The specialist HTS team at Penningtons is currently dealing with a high volume of HTS applications and has particular expertise and a strong record of success in this area. We have also been liaising with the UKBA on the procedures it follows when determining HTS applications in an effort to make the application system more transparent and effective. The UKBA's HTS team has accepted our suggestion that before it determines an application, if it has any concerns about particular students, it should provide the tier 4 sponsor with a list of those students in order that the sponsor may provide relevant information during the application process. This avoids the previous situation where the UKBA would refuse applications where it had specific concerns, without giving the sponsor an opportunity to provide pertinent information, which often led to lengthy post refusal negotiations and challenges. If you require assistance with your HTS application, please contact us.