The Energy Market Regulatory Authority ("EMRA") has enabled commencement of construction for electricity generation facilities on the basis of a preliminary project approval until 31 December 2020.

By default, the Electricity Market License Regulation ("Regulation") requires the final project for an electricity generation facility to be approved before construction. Provisional Article 26 of the Regulation made an exception to this rule, and allowed would-be licensees to start construction with the approval of the preliminary project, provided the preliminary project approval was obtained and submitted to EMRA no later than 31 December 2019.

By an amendment to the Regulation published in the Official Gazette on 2 January 2020, the term for starting construction on the basis of a preliminary project approval has been extended for another year. Applicants will be able to start construction with preliminary project approval throughout 2020. This amendment has simplified the conditions to be fulfilled within the pre-license term preceding construction of power generation plants.