Legislation has been introduced into the House of Representatives addressing procurement procedures for Arkansas municipal sewage systems.

House Bill (“H.B.”) 1645 is sponsored by Representatives Bragg, Davis, Della Rosa, Penzo and Senators Eads and Hutchinson.

The bill would add an additional section to Arkansas Code Title 14, Chapter 235, Subchapter 2 titled “Public improvements – Award procedure – Definitions.” Definitions for “design-build”, “design-builder”, and “general contractor construction management” are included in this section.

H.B. 1645 includes a provision stating that in addition to other applicable law on a municipal sewage system’s procurement authority:

. . .a municipal sewage system created and operating under this chapter may use design-build construction or general contractor construction management as a project delivery method for building, altering, repairing, improving, maintaining, or demolishing any structure associated with the municipal sewage system.

This provision stipulates that the design-builder shall contact directly with subcontractors and be responsible for the bonding of the project. Also, a project using design-build construction or general contractor construction management is required to comply with state and federal law.

The bill has been referred to the House City, County and Local Affairs Committee.

A copy of the bill can be downloaded here.