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JAMS neutrals Deborah Ballati and Patricia Thompson discuss how to handle ethical conduct in mediation

JAMS neutrals Deborah S. Ballati, Esq. and Patricia Thompson, Esq., FCIArb were recently featured in an episode of the American Bar Association Forum on Construction Law’s Table Talk Series. In this episode, they discuss what to do when mediators or counsel act abusively or otherwise unethical in mediation. The pair covers that while all participants in the mediation process have the right to expect a fair and peaceful proceeding, oftentimes unprofessional conduct occurs behind the mediation curtain. Ms. Ballati and Ms. Thompson share insights on expectations for mediation, and how all participants are responsible for avoiding and quickly addressing any conduct that jeopardizes the success of the dispute resolution process.

An article also written by Ms. Ballati and Ms. Thompson on this topic can be found here.