California Gov. Jerry Brown (D) has signed a bill (S.B. 1019) that will require upholstered-furniture makers to disclose on product tags whether the furniture contains added flame-retardant chemicals. Details about the measure appear in the September 18, 2014, issue of this Report. State Sen. Mark Leno (D-San Francisco), who authored the legislation, said, “Today’s action by the Governor is a huge victory for California consumers who have long demanded the right to know what chemicals are in the furniture they purchase for their homes and families. While California, under the direction of Governor Brown, ruled last year that upholstered furniture can be manufactured without toxic flame retardant chemicals and still be equally fire safe, there has been no established method for communicating this to customers. SB 1019 provides consumers with this missing information so they can make informed decisions.” See Sen. Mark Leno News Release, September 30, 2014.