In late July and August, one former labor relations executive of Fiat-Chrysler and two individuals who held leadership positions in the UAW were indicted for a conspiracy involving more than $1.2 million in unlawful payments and bribes related to a scheme involving payments from accounts of the UAW-Chrysler National Training Center in Detroit. In late July, Alphons Iacobelli, formerly Fiat-Chrysler’s Vice President of Employee Relations, and Monica Morgan, a well-known photographer in Detroit and the widow of a UAW Vice President, were both charged with violations of the Labor-Management Relations Act. Mr. Iacobelli was also charged with income tax evasion. Ms. Morgan was charged with using several of her businesses to hide payments made to various UAW officials as part of the scheme. Mr. Iacobelli and Ms. Morgan have both pleaded not guilty. In addition to the charges filed against Mr. Iacobelli and Ms. Morgan, the UAW’s former financial analyst, Jerome Durden, was charged with interfering with the IRS investigation and failure to file a tax return. Mr. Durden pled guilty on August 8. Then, on August 18, Virdell King, formerly Assistant Director of the UAW’s Chrysler Department, was indicted for taking more than $40,000 in payments from the training center through the use of credit cards.