A qualifying cogeneration facility (QF) in Idaho, which has not had a steam host since November 2007, has been granted an additional waiver from the otherwise applicable operating and efficiency standards required by FERC's rules. Over the protest of the QF's off-take customer, Idaho Power, FERC agreed that Glenns Ferry Cogeneration Partners, Ltd. could continue operating outside the requirements for QF status for calendar years 2009 and 2010. A previous one-year limited waiver for calendar year 2008.

Idaho Power argued that there was no evidence that a replacement thermal host was on the horizon and that, in the meantime, the requirement for it to buy QF energy surplus to its needs was leading to higher prices for its consumers. Glenns Ferry disagreed with the cost analysis provided by Idaho Power and noted that it was in negotiations with a potential thermal host.

FERC has previously granted waivers of the operating and efficiency requirements for QF status from time to time, but has in other cases not agreed to extend such waivers for a third year.