The Real Estate Tax is regulated by Decree number 3-95, issued on January 31st, 1995 and published in the Official Gazette number 21 on January 31st, 1995.

The incidence of the real estate tax is the taxation of the properties located in the territorial district of each municipality, owned as of December 31st of each taxable year. It means, that every natural person or legal entity who owns one or more properties are taxpayers and they are subject to the filing and liquidation of this tax, excluding the exempted individuals or entities. The Municipalities have the authority to demand and collect the payment of the Real Estate Tax to the taxpayers and owners of properties within the municipality's territorial district. The taxable year of this tax is the immediately preceding year; the Real Estate Tax generated in the year 2020 must be cancelled this year, 2021. The payment of this tax can be cancelled in two equal instalments, each one equivalent to the fifty percent (50%) of the tax liquidation amount. The taxpayers must liquidate before the Municipality, the first instalment at the first trimester of the taxable year, which means that by March 31st of this year, taxpayers should have already complied with the payment obligation of the first part due.

The second instalment must be cancelled in the second trimester of the taxable year, which means that it must be paid by June 30th at the latest.

It should be noted that taxpayers who liquidate and cancel the total payment of the Real Estate Tax during the first trimester of the taxable year, will be entitled to a ten percent (10%) discount on the total amount of the tax payable during the taxable year.

You may consult your outstanding amount in concept of Real Estate Tax, before the Revenue Department and/or before the corresponding department of the Municipality located in the territorial circumscription of your properties.