On November 7, 2016, the U.S. International Trade Commission (“Commission”) issued a press release announcing their vote to institute an investigation of Certain Mobile Device Holders and Components Thereof (Inv. No. 337-TA-1028).

By way of background, this investigation is based on an October 6, 2016 complaint filed by Nite Ize, Inc. of Boulder, Colorado alleging violation of Section 337 by way of unlawful importation into the U.S., selling for importation, and/or selling within the U.S. after importation certain mobile device holders and components thereof that infringe one or more claims of U.S. Patent Nos. 8,870,146; 8,602,376; D734,746; and D719,959. See our October 10, 2016 post for more details on the complaint.

According to the Notice of Investigation, the Commission has identified the following entities as the respondents in this investigation:

  • Shenzhen Youtai Trade Company Limited of China
  • REXS LLC of Lewes, Delaware
  • Spinido, Inc. of Brighton, Colorado
  • Luo, Qiben, d/b/a Lita International Shop of China
  • Guangzhou Kuaguoyi E-commerce Co., Ltd. d/b/a Kagu Culture of China
  • Shenzhen New Dream Technology Co., Ltd. d/b/a Newdreams of China
  • Shenzhen Gold South Technology Co., Ltd. d/b/a Baidatong of China
  • Sunpauto Co., Ltd. of Hong Kong
  • Wang Zhi Gang d/b/a IceFox of China
  • Dang Yuya d/b/a Sminiker of China
  • Shenzhen Topworld Technology Co. d/b/a/ IdeaPro of Hong Kong
  • Lin Zhen Mei d/b/a Anson of China
  • Wu Xuying d/b/a Novoland of China
  • Shenzhen New Dream Sailing Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. d/b/a MegaDream of China
  • Zhongshan Feiyu Hardware Technology Co., Ltd. d/b/a YouFo of China
  • Ninghuaxian Wangfulong Chaojishichang Youxian Gongsi, Ltd. d/b/a EasybuyUS of China
  • Chang Lee d/b/a Frentaly of Duluth, Georgia
  • Trendbox USA LLC d/b/a Trendbox of Scottsdale, Arizona
  • Tontek d/b/a Shenzhen Hetongtai Electronics Co., Ltd. of China
  • Scotabc d/b/a ShenChuang Opto-electronics Technology Co., Ltd. of China
  • Tenswall d/b/a Shenzhen Tenswall of La Puente, California
  • Luo Jieqiong d/b/a Wekin of China
  • Pecham d/b/a Baichen Technology Ltd. of Hong Kong
  • Cyrift d/b/a Guangzhou Sunway E-Commerce L.L.C. of China
  • Rymemo d/b/a Global Box, LLC of Dunbar, Pennsylvania
  • Wang Guoxiang d/b/a Minse of China
  • Yuan I d/b/a Bestrix of China
  • Zhiping Zhou d/b/a Runshion of China
  • Huijukon d/b/a Shenzhen Hui Ju Kang Technology Co. Ltd. of China
  • Barsone d/b/a Shenzhen Senweite Electronic Commerce Ltd. of China
  • Oumeiou d/b/a Shenzhen Oumeiou Technology Co., Ltd. of China
  • Grando d/b/a Shenzhen Dashentai Network Technology Co., Ltd. of China
  • Shenzhen Yingxue Technology Co., Ltd. of China
  • Shenzhen Longwang Technology Co., Ltd. of China
  • Hu Peng d/b/a AtomBud of China

Lastly, Chief ALJ Bullock issued a notice indicating that Thomas B. Pender will be the presiding Administrative Law Judge in this matter.