A federal court in New York granted EOX Holdings’ and Andrew Gizienski’s motion to transfer an enforcement action brought by the Commodity Futures Trading Commission to a federal court in Texas. The court held that since most of the alleged misconduct by Mr. Gizienski on behalf of EOX occurred in Houston, and the defendants and most of the witnesses, including EOX employees, work and live in Houston, the transfer of the litigation to a federal court in Texas was warranted. In September 2018, the CFTC charged EOX, a Commission-registered introducing broker, and one of its associated persons, Andrew Gizienski, for illegally sharing their clients’ trading information with one customer, as well as impermissibly trading the one customer’s account on a discretionary basis relying on other clients’ trading information. (Click here for background in the article “Introducing Broker and Associated Person Charged by CFTC With Insider Trading” in the September 30, 2018 edition of Bridging the Week.)