While most employers likely think of the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission first and foremost as an enforcer of federal non-discrimination laws through its charge investigations and litigation, the Commissioners at the EEOC appear to be opening the New Year with a focus on preventative measures.

The Commissioners are scheduled to hold a meeting on Wednesday, Jan.14, 2015, to consider the subject of workplace harassment and specifically how employers can prevent and address harassment.

The Commission’s meeting at its Washington, D.C., headquarters, which is open to the public, will include a panel of invited speakers from legal and human resources fields.

Scheduled to attend, according to the EEOC, are the following individuals:

  • Carol Miaskoff, Acting Associate Legal Counsel, EEOC, Office of Legal Counsel
  • Fatima Goss Graves, Vice President for Education and Employment, National Women’s Law Center
  • Patricia Wise, Partner, Niehaus Wise & Kalas Ltd
  • Laudente Montoya, Charging Party/Class Member, EEOC v. Dart Energy Corp. et al.
  • Sean Ratliff, Acting Supervisory Trial Attorney, EEOC Denver Field Office
  • Jane Kow, Employment Lawyer and HR Consultant/Trainer, HR Law Consultants

Whether the meeting will generate substantive follow up in the form of EEOC publications is not yet apparent, but any insights from the EEOC related to preventative and corrective measures for workplace harassment should be welcomed, particularly if they serve to lessen the chances an employer will be hit with a discrimination charge.