The new .xxx registry for adult entertainment providers is set to launch shortly. The .xxx registry is intended for adult entertainment providers. If you do not want your brand associated with an .xxx domain, you can take steps to reserve and block your trade marks from release as .xxx domain names in the future.

The launch of the .xxx domain has been delayed several times, but is currently set to occur later in 2011. Prior to the formal launch, .xxx domain names can be "reserved" via the central registry at ICM Registry. The "reservation" process does not guarantee allocation of a particular name in the .xxx domain, but merely operates as an expression of interest in that name. ICM Registry will keep parties reserving names apprised of all relevant deadlines for the following stages of the launch of the new domain, including the sunrise period, in which trade mark owners can preferentially apply to register .xxx domains corresponding to their trade marks, or in the alternative apply to block .xxx domains corresponding to their trade marks from release at all. "Reservation" is free of charge.

The launch date for the sunrise period for the .xxx domain has not yet been set. Placing reservations on one or more names will ensure that you are kept up to date on the timing of the sunrise period.

In addition, the usual dispute resolution policies will apply to the new domain, so that infringing domain name registrations will be able to be cancelled or recovered, even if you do not apply to block release of your trade mark as a .xxx domain name in the sunrise period. In addition, .xxx domain names are set to be priced at a level which should discourage bulk registrations by domainers, which may significantly reduce the amount of cybersquatting in the domain.