The regulator sent a warning letter to the life science company for using metatags to supplement the improper promotion of its products as drugs, as well as making unapproved claims on Facebook, LinkedIn and its website.

NanoBiotech Pharma was warned by the FDA for making therapeutic claims about its NanobacTX, a “non-prescription oral nanobiotic compound,” and Urobac, “a nanobiotic compound,” that render them drugs. According to the letter, because the company references uses for the products that aren’t recognized as safe and effective, including that they treat, cure, mitigate or prevent disease, NanobacTX and Urobac are both unapproved new drugs and misbranded drugs.

In addition to targeting claims made on NanoBiotech’s website, including the presence of testimonials recommending or describing use of the products in the treatment of disease and the citation of articles on their use to treat disease, the FDA reprimands the company for using metatags, Facebook and LinkedIn to make or supplement unapproved claims.

As reported by RAPS, the FDA’s first reported warning to a company over its use of metatags was in 2008, and the agency has since sent around five other letters taking issue with companies’ use of metatags in their advertising.

The FDA’s letter to NanoBiotech states that the company’s referenced citations and other claims were “supplemented by metatags,” which were used to bring Web users to its websites via Internet searches. The company used metatags including “CAC,” “CAD,” “coronary artery disease,” “has heart disease been cured,” “Heart Disease,” “Calcification,” “chronic prostatitis,” “kidney stones,” “glaucoma,” “amd” (age-related macular degeneration), “bph” (benign prostatic hyperplasia), “IC,” “interstitial cystitis,” “cataracts” and “ED” (erectile dysfunction).

NanoBiotech was also warned about improper claims for NanobacTX and Urobac made on its Facebook and LinkedIn pages, where the products can be directly bought. The claims include that NanobacTX can reverse atherosclerosis and the underlying pathologies, and that Urobac can be used for kidney stones, PKD, chronic prostatitis and BPH, among other things.