Following a consultation, the UKIPO have decided to change the fees for filing and renewing UK Registered Designs.

There will be significant fee reductions for online filing, particularly for multiple designs in a single application.

The filing fee for an application to register a single design via online filing will be £50 (compared to £60 for paper filing). The filing fee for an application to register up to ten separate designs (in a single application) filed online will be only £70.

For online filing, there will be an additional fee of £20 for each additional ten designs (i.e., for 11-2, 21-30 etc.,).

If filed on paper, there will be a filing fee of £40 for EACH additional design (on top of the £60 filing fee for the first design).

Renewal fees for UK Registered Designs will be greatly reduced over the normal four renewal periods (at five year intervals after initial registration):

  • The first renewal fee will be £70;
  • The second renewal fee will be £90;
  • The third renewal fee will be £100;
  • The fourth and last renewal fee will be £140.

The fee for filing an application for a declaration of invalidity will be reduced to £48.

The cost of requesting deferred publication will remain £40 per design.

The cost of requesting a certified copy of a UK design application will increase to £30.

The UKIPO say that these changes will be made “at the next suitable opportunity.”