The Nuclear Regulatory Commission (NRC ) is seeking comments on a revised draft policy on the management of low-level radioactive waste. 76 Fed. Reg. 50,500 (8/15/11). The draft policy revises the agency’s 1981 Policy Statement on Low-Level Waste Volume Reduction, which suggested that licensees take steps to reduce the amount of waste generated and reduce its volume once generated. According to the agency, progress has been made since 1981, and other approaches may now be used to reduce waste volumes.

The revised draft policy suggests the following approaches to waste management: (i) short-term storage and decay, (ii) long-term activity, (iv) use of waste processing technologies, and (v) use of licensed disposal facilities. The revised policy would mainly affect nuclear power plants, but would also affect states that have licensing agreements with NRC , hospitals, research centers, universities, fuel cycle facilities, and heavy metal extractors. NRC requests comments on the revised draft policy by September 14, 2011. storage, (iii) use of alternative disposal provisions outlined in 10 C.F.R. 20.2002 on governing “low waste”