Immigration Customs Enforcement’s (ICE) Student and Exchange Visitor Program (SEVP) recently released its October 2008 SEVIS newsletter. The newsletter confirmed that as of September 2, 2008, there were more than 9,500 SEVIS certified schools. Additionally, there were more than 1,400 U.S. Department of State (DOS) designated sponsors. The newsletter indicated that there are currently more than 686,000 F-1 students, more than 7,800 M-1 students and more than 252,000 J-1 exchange visitors in the United States.

The newsletter indicated that SEVP’s School Certification Branch (SCB) has noticed an increase in the updates and edits to the Form I-17 since March 2008. SCB stated that districts in larger metropolitan areas had more updates submitted per month than those centered around smaller metropolitan areas. SCB stated that the most common changes submitted to SEVIS in July 2008 were changes in mailing address, degrees available, ownership and physical locations. SCB stated that other common changes included campus additions, nature of subject matter “engaged in" and the school's name. The least common changes submitted were the type of school and F or M designation. SCB stated that it anticipates larger increases in updates and edits as the SEVP recertification process approaches.

Finally, SEVP stated that it will be moving its office from the Washington D.C. area to Crystal City, Virginia in the near future. SEVP stated that the new facility will be three times larger than its current space and thus will allow SEVP to accommodate the new technical equipment required by SEVIS II and which will allow it to be capable of handling the increase in retention of more SEVIS records and recertification records in the future.  .