The Government recently published a report following a review of the Joint Labour Committee (JLC) system by the Labour Court. The report represents the most comprehensive review of the JLC system since its establishment over 60 years ago. In summary the report recommends that the overall number of JLCs be reduced and that the scope of those remaining be amended to take into account the changing circumstances of the various sectors within which those JLCs operate.

In particular the Minister has indicated his intention to abolish the Dublin Hotels and Law Clerks JLCs. He also intends to narrow the scope and remit of the following JLCs:

  • Agricultural;
  • Hairdressing;
  • Retail grocery;
  • Hotels (outside Dublin);
  • Contract cleaning;
  • Security; and

Also, two catering JLCs will be amended, pending their amalgamation following amended legislation.

The aim of the recommendations is to enhance wage flexibility and improve Ireland’s competitiveness whilst at the same time ensuring protection for vulnerable workers in these sectors.

It is expected that amending legislation will be brought forward shortly to reflect these changes. We will keep you updated of further developments in this area.