BIS has published further sets of draft regulations connected with the new SPL regime, available here. These extend the regime to parents fostering to adopt, adopting from overseas and using surrogacy.

They include draft regulations extending the current right to 18 weeks’ unpaid parental leave to parents of children aged under 18 (currently this right is only available to parents of children aged under 5). The draft does not include any transitional provisions so it would appear that parents of children now aged 5 or over, who have unused leave entitlement, will be able to take their remaining entitlement once the regulations come into force, planned for 5 April 2015.

ACAS has published a detailed guidance note on the new shared parental leave rules, together with supporting material including standard letters and a policy document. These documents are available here. It is expected that BIS will publish a form for employees to use to give the required notices under the new regime by the end of this month.