The Ethics Research Center has released a Research Report concerning the impacts of an Effective Ethics and Compliance Program.  See Ethics Research Center, The State of Ethics in Large Companies(2015).  The Center surveyed employees of companies that have and do not have effective programs, with an effective program defined as one that has written standards of ethical workplace conduct, training on the standards, company resources that provide advice about ethics issues, a means to report potential violations confidentially or anonymously, performance evaluations of ethical conduct, and systems to discipline violators. The study found that in large companies with effective programs, 3 percent of employees felt pressure to compromise standards, compared to 23 percent in companies without effective programs.  33 percent of those in companies with effect programs said they observed misconduct, compared to 62 percent in companies without effective programs who reported observing such conduct.  Of those who observed misconduct, 87 percent reported it in companies with effective programs, compared to 32 percent in companies without.  And in companies with effective programs, 4 percent of those who reported wrongdoing said they experienced retaliation, compared to 59 percent in companies without effective programs.