But the FTC is not satisfied with simply telling the FCC how to do its job; it wants to be able to regulate common carriers directly.  In prepared testimony before Congress on pending legislation, FTC Chairwoman Edith Ramirez expressed support for provisions that would repeal certain exemptions to the FTC Act, thereby expanding the Commission’s jurisdiction over currently exempt entities, including telecommunications common carriers and non-profit organizations.  To justify the expansion, Ramirez cited the need for data security and privacy enforcement in light of emerging technologies and “the blurring of industries.”  Ramirez cited the FCC’s reclassification of broadband Internet access service as a common carriage service as part of its Open Internet Order, which removed from the FTC’s reach the provision of broadband service.  Ramirez said that allowing the FTC to share jurisdiction with the FCC over such issues would benefit consumers, with the FCC’s focus on fining companies for noncompliance, and the FTC’s focus on providing redress to customers.