In an internal memorandum to FDA leadership, Commissioner Margaret Hamburg "chart[s] the course for modifying Agency functions and processes to improve communication and collaboration and to clarify roles and responsibilities and decision rights across all Agency components."  

The memo acknowledges the feedback Dr. Hamburg received during the evaluation that FDA's responsibilities are rapidly changing, and in light of this, the agency must move to a "distinct commodity-based" and "vertically integrated" regulatory scheme. Such changes will require time and reorganization. The commodity-based, vertically integrated regulatory programs mirror the areas of responsibility covered by the various Centers and continue to move the agency away from a regional approach that has previously dominated the agency's inspection regime. 

The memo goes on to discuss specialization with regard to inspection and compliance functions, training, agency work planning, compliance policy and enforcement strategy, imports, laboratory optimizations, and de-layering management and review levels to facilitate timely and appropriate actions and enhance accountability. Finally, the Commissioner lists a dozen "next steps" that seek to further clarify and expand on the identified implementation decisions.

The full memo is available here.