Cabbage Salad and Safety is a series of podcasts based around conversations with Siobhan Flores-Walsh, a work health and safety lawyer with Corrs Chambers Westgarth, and Kevin Jones, a workplace safety consultant and editor of the award-winning SafetyAtWorkBlog. Each episode will focus on one or two safety topics.

In Episode 5, Siobhan and Kevin talk about National Safety Month and also discuss some of the hot-button safety issues raised at conferences they have both attended recently as part of ‘Safety Conference Season’.

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In the next podcast: Natasha Jager of the Australian Drug Foundation will join Siobhan and Kevin in conversation about the safety management issues related to alcohol and drugs. We’ll be discussing the legal, business and union perspectives on drug and alcohol testing, and also take a look at what could be the “sleeper issue” – the links between alcohol and drug use and workplace psychological/mental illness issues.