BoE publishes Financial Stability Report: The latest Financial Stability Report identifies the main risks facing the financial system in the UK as: the global environment; the reduction in market liquidity in some markets; the UK's current account deficit; the UK housing market; consequences of misconduct in the financial system; and cyber attack. Some risks, particularly around Greece and emerging market economies, have increased since December. Some other risks have declined, including those associated with low growth in advanced economies. Generally, the report found market resilience has strengthened, and is not recommending any immediate change to regulation. However, the BoE's Financial Policy Committee (FPC) has concerns over market liquidity and plans to undertake a regular deep analysis of a range of activities, starting with the investment activity of investment funds and hedge funds, the investment and non-traditional, non-insurance activities of insurance companies, and securities financing and derivatives transactions. Alongside the report, BoE has published the results of its 2015 H1 survey on systemic risk, and FPC Policy Statement on its powers over leverage ratio tools and housing tools. (Source: BoE Published Financial Stability Report)