Sultani Decrees

Sultani Decree No. 42/2012

Appoints Sultan bin Salem bin Said Al Habsi as Secretary General of the Higher Council for Planning with the ranking of Minister.

Promulgated on 21 July 2012.          Effective on promulgation.


Ministerial Decisions and Financial Publications

Council for Civil Service

Decision No. 2/2012

Amends Decision No. 8/2011 listing the special job titles that are exempt from the requirement of announcement upon appointment.

Promulgated on 27 May 2012.           Effective from day after publication.


Official Announcements

Ministry of Commerce and Industry

Directorate of Intellectual Property 

Announces a number of applications for the registration and renewal of approved trademarks in accordance with Sultani Decree 67/2008 (Industrial Property Law).


The Tender Board

Tender No. 85/2012

For the provision of technical support services to the Tender Board.


Tender No. 86/2012

For the construction of the Directorate General of the Public Prosecution building in Salalah in the Governorate of Dhofar.


Companies Under Liquidation

Saih Al Naheeda Oil and Gas Services LLC 

Commencement of liquidation

The liquidator, Hamad bin Raghmoush bin Hareb Al Daraei, announces the commencement of voluntary liquidation of the company. The liquidator invites the company's creditors to submit their claims within 6 months of the date of this announcement and invites the debtors of the company to pay their debts directly to the liquidator.