The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) has requested comments on the time and cost burdens associated with surveys of participants in its Consumer Opinion Forum. According to CPSC, the information collected helps “inform the Commission’s identification and evaluation of consumer products and product use, by providing insight and information into consumer perceptions and usage patterns. This information may also assist the Commission in its efforts to support voluntary standards activities, and help CPSC identify consumer safety issues requiring additional research.”The infor- mation is also apparently used to help with proposed revisions to warning labels and manuals, as well as the effectiveness of product recall communications. Nearly 3,500 have registered to participate in the forum, and staff estimates the aggregate burden to all respon- dents at 73 hours at an annual aggregate cost of $4,560. Comments are requested by March 31, 2014. See Federal Register, January 28, 2014.