Earlier this month, the CBI published its latest Solvency II Matters newsletter.  The final edition of the newsletter will be published in March 2016.  Following this, a quarterly insurance newsletter will be published in its place. Amongst other matters, the newsletter (a) reminds (re)insurers that the in-situ process for the Head of Actuarial role applies only where a person was in that role on/before 31 December 2015, (b) highlights the quantitative template issued (and now available on the website) to assist (re)insurers in producing/reporting the analysis required for 'Day 1' reporting, (c) states that the online reporting (ONR) test environment will be available from 30 March 2016 and (d) contains a Solvency II forward planner and checklist.  The newsletter also points out that the slides presented at the Solvency II reporting workshop held on 23 February are available on the CBI website.