Many personal injury claimants make a claim against supermarkets in situations where they have slipped because of items that have fallen on the floor. This can involve a range of different foodstuffs, as well as any liquids or soaps that have fallen onto the floor. However claimants will only be successful against the supermarket if they can show that the supermarket has acted negligently. It will be for the claimant to show that the supermarket did not have a sufficient system of inspection and cleaning, and that the reason for the fall was because there were inadequate measures in place.

I have recently settled a case against a supermarket when my client was involved in an accident because of an employee’s mistake. This situation was a little different to the usual supermarket accident. In this case my client Ms A had finished her shopping and she was paying for her purchases. As she was about to leave a stack of baskets fell onto her, hitting her back and neck. The baskets had been stacked too high and became unstable causing them to fall.

Ms A instructed me to make a claim against the supermarket for the ongoing injuries she suffered after the accident. She was having pain in her neck, back and continued to have headaches. I wrote to the supermarket alleging that they did not maintain a safe environment for my client when she was shopping. Furthermore the employee should not have stacked so many baskets when it caused a clear hazard to customers. In this situation I alleged that the supermarket were responsible for the employee’s actions. The insurers for the supermarket responded to my letter advising that they will be admitting liability for my client’s personal injury claim.

I proceeded to arrange a medical examination for my client with an orthopaedic consultant. He confirmed that my client had suffered with problems to her neck and shoulder after the accident, and advised her to have some further treatment for her ongoing pain. I continued to disclose the medical evidence to the defendants and they agreed to settle the claim for £2,850.

In this case I was able to show that the supermarket was responsible for the negligence of their employee. Supermarkets are continuously busy and therefore extra care and precautions must be carried out at all times to ensure customer safety.