Video publisher The Criterion Collection has filed a trademark dilution suit against Whole Foods and an alcohol supplier alleging that a line of wines introduced in June 2015 infringed on its name. The Criterion Collection v. Whole Foods Mkt., No. 15-7132 (S.D.N.Y., filed September 10, 2015). The Criterion Collection has licensed and published classic films with additional “value added” content since 1984, beginning with Citizen Kane. “To the consuming public, ‘The Criterion Collection’ has become, over time, broadly associated with technical excellence, artistic value and cultural importance,” the complaint asserts. In 2015, Whole Foods and Winery Exchange, Inc. began selling “Criterion Collection” wine purported to be hand-selected by the grocery chain’s master sommelier, Devon Broglie. The Criterion Collection alleges that this use infringes its trademark under the Lanham Act and New York law and seeks a permanent injunction and damages.