On July 20, the Federal Register published the Department of the Treasury’s Request For Information on Expanding Access to Credit Through Online Marketplace Lending (RFI). The RFI seeks public comment on the three specific areas relating to the online marketplace lending industry: (i) business models of and products offered to consumers and small businesses; (ii) potential expansion of access to credit to the historically underserved; and (iii) the ways in which the financial regulatory framework can develop to support safe growth within the industry. According to the RFI, online marketplace lending delivers lower costs and faster decision times than traditional lenders, but, so far, the loans are usually only originated to prime or near-prime consumers. However, some online marketplace lenders are developing product structures and underwriting models that may allow for originating loans to non-prime borrowers at lower interest rates. With the rapid growth occurring in the online lending industry, the RFI aims to assist the Treasury Department in examining online lenders’ potential “to expand access to credit, and how the financial regulatory framework can develop to ensure the industry grows safely.” Comments are due August 31, 2015.