According to unconfirmed reports in The Independent and The Daily Beast, the US Treasury Department is investigating former US professional basketball player Dennis Rodman for allegedly violating US and UN sanctions imposed on North Korea. The US government has refused to comment on these reports. During his controversial trip to North Korea in January, Rodman is said to have brought with him several presents intended for Kim Jong-un and his wife. The gifts reportedly included Jameson Irish whiskey, a fur coat, an Italian suit and several bottles of Rodman’s own brand of vodka.

UN Security Council Resolutions 1718 (2006) and 2094 (2013) prohibit the export of “luxury goods” to North Korea. The United States has implemented these resolutions through Section 746.4 of the Export Administration Regulations, which requires a US Commerce Department licence for most exports of goods directly or indirectly from the US to North Korea and establishes a policy of denial for exports of luxury goods. Additionally, US Executive Order No. 13551 authorises the Treasury Department to block the US property even of foreign persons who violate the UN luxury goods ban.

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