The Intellectual Property Office of Singapore (IPOS) takes another step towards enhancing and strengthening Singapore’s Intellectual Property (IP) system.

After a round of amendments to the Singapore Patents Act and Rules came into force last 14 February 2014, IPOS further elevates the IP system in Singapore by amending the Registered Designs Rules on 13 November 2014.  

One of the notable amendments made to the Designs Rules is the inclusion of deferment of design publication. It is now possible to request deferment of design publication and enable designers and companies applying for the registration of industrial designs to keep it a secret from competitors up to 18 months from the filing date. The new rule 28A allows applicants to request deferment of publication when applying for the registration of a design in Singapore via Form D3. The request must be filed at the time of filing the design application and must be accompanied by a fee in the amount of S$40 (US$31).

Moreover, a process was introduced for the restoration of designs removed on or after 13 November 2014.  To proceed with restoration, applicants must file a request with IPOS via Form D8 within six (6) months after the last day possible to extend the period of registration of the design. Aside from filing a request with IPOS, applicants must also pay the fees for the restoration of the design and the extension of the period of registration of the design after it is restored. The Registrar may further require applicant to furnish evidence or information regarding the restoration. The success of the application for restoration remains at the discretion of the Registrar.

Indeed, the recent amendments to the Design Rules give the applicants more flexible options in the registration of designs in Singapore. Moreover, such amendments will also help to enhance and strengthen Singapore’s IP system, and support the growth of Singapore as a world class Asian IP hub.