As announced in our Legal Alert 4/2013, the revaluation rate has been determined as 3,93% for the year 2013 according to the  Tax Procedural Law General Communique No. 430 (published in the Official Gazette dated November 19, 2013, No. 28826).  Taking into consideration the revaluation rate of 3,93%, the Ministry of Finance has recalculated certain tax rates and related amounts and thresholds that will be applied for the year 2014. You may find below the new rates, amounts and thresholds to be  applicable for 2014. 

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Special Consumption Tax Rates and Amounts are Increased for Private Cars  and Mobile Phones 

With the Council of Ministers Decree No.2013/5761 dated December 31, 2013 (published in the Official Gazette No. 28869  dated January 01, 2014); the Special Consumption Tax (the “SCT”) rates for private cars and mobile phones were increased. In  this regard, the SCT rates for private cars which are stated under the List No (II) attached to the SCT Law (Law No.4760)  (published in the Official Gazette dated June 06, 2002, No.24783) have been increased as below

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