The Judicial Conference of the U.S. Advisory Committee on Rules of Appellate Procedure will meet October 20, 2014, in Washington, D.C. While the meeting will be open for public observation, no participation will be permitted. According to the most recent report of the Judicial Conference Committee on Rules of Practice and Procedure, the appellate rules advisory committee has been considering possible amendments to Rule 4’s treatment of the deadlines for filing notices of appeal.

According to the committee, “a circuit split has developed as to whether a motion filed within a purported extension of a non-extendable deadline under Civil Rules 50, 52, or 59 counts as ‘timely’ filed under Appellate Rule 4(a)(4).”The committee has reached consensus that the meaning of “timely” should be clarified and is currently weighing whether to implement the majority or minority approach. The committee is also “working on projects concerning requirements for filings in the courts of appeals,” including amicus filings in connection with petitions for panel rehearing and/or rehearing en banc and briefing length limits. See Federal Register, July 30, 2014.