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The top 10

  • Is it harassment if a supervisor makes an employee wear a speedo, touches his butt, and asks him out for drinks? (2:44) Listen now
  • OSHA’s final rule may prohibit safety incentive programs (3:40) Listen now
  • Is your website ADA-compliant? Does it need to be? (4:59) Listen now
  • Employer not liable under the ADA for failure to accommodate employee’s disability (4:10) Listen now
  • Alcohol use – can you regulate and/or discipline an employee for using alcohol outside of work? (3:30) Listen now
  • NLRB hands employers a win (seriously!): GPS tracking of employee upheld (4:03) Listen now
  • When sick leave, FMLA leave, and ADA reasonable accommodations meet (1:29) Listen now
  • Joint employer relationship . . . not this time (3:30) Listen now
  • Six proven tactics to help avoid the "ticking time bomb" employee (11:49) Listen now
  • “Reasonable suspicion” of trade secret misappropriation isn’t always enough (7:11) Listen now