*As seen on the Workers' Comp' Kit Blog

In Ohio, there are several things that should be included in an offer of transitional duty employment including:

  1. Introduction stating the letter is an offer of temporary employment while they are recovering from a work-related injury/illness.
  2. Have the employee’s physician of record (POR) sign off on the offer first.  Otherwise, the employee will take to to his POR with his own spin on how tough it is, and the doctor will not agree to it.  Then you have to go through the usual medical battle.
  3.  Where and when to report for the position
  4.  Who to report to (name of supervisor)
  5. Description of position
  6. Position will be carefully monitored to make sure physical restrictions are not exceeded
  7. Make it clear that return to original position is dependant on ability to perform all the essential functions of the job.
  8. Signature Line
  9. Check boxes for employee to either Accept or Decline the offer. If employee declines, temporary total may be terminated.
  10. Mail the letter via First Class Mail and certified and have the start date 5-7 days after the letter is mailed.

Note: Return-to-work starts the clock on the permanent partial award, so claimant’s lawyers are usually quite amenable to it.