Over the last decade new technology and automation has transformed how law firms are run, allowing them to manage their matters with greater efficiency.

However, even with all this available technology the quality of communication between lawyers and clients has not improved. Surprisingly, poor communication remains the source of most complaints from clients to professional disciplinary regulators across jurisdictions.

For example, email is nowadays ubiquitous, however, its popularity has created numerous problems for lawyers, bad habits are formed and security is compromised.  Often the sheer volume of emails sent and received daily mean communications can get lost or miss filed.

For all the benefits that email brings to us in our working life there are many problems associated with its use and a degraded client communication experience can damage your firm’s reputation.

With more and more clients choosing email as their preferred method of communication and confidence growing in ‘The Cloud’ it is important to understand how best to communicate with you client more effectively.

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