The Airport (Byelaws) (Designation) Order 2011 has amended the Airports Act 1986 by adding Shoreham Airport to the list of airports which can make their own byelaws for regulating the operation of an aircraft.

The number of aerodromes able to detain and sell aircraft in England and Wales in circumstances where airport charges have not been paid has risen to 37.  The Aerodromes (Designation) (Detention and Sale of Aircraft) (England and Wales) (Amendment) order 2011 came into force in April this year, amending the Civil Aviation Act 1982 by adding Cotswold Airport to the list.

There have also been recent changes which clarify the relevant technical instructions which must be followed when dangerous goods are carried onboard an aircraft. These are the 2010-2011 Technical Instructions for Safe Transport of Dangerous Goods by Air, as approved and published by the Council of the International Civil Aviation Organisation.