With the surge of tourism and real estate investment peaking in 2018, investors continue to seek opportunities in real estate, tourism, agriculture, wine production and manufacturing. The volume in international investment in Portugal continues to grow in 2019.

Still there are challenges ahead, as domestic and European economic growth slows down and political tensions in Europe and in the world have the potential to bring down investors’ interest for Portugal.

Portugal’s investment conditions remain stable. Portugal offers an easy process for setting up new businesses, reduced the time for obtaining administrative permits and improved its labour legislation.

The World Bank's «Doing Business 2018» report ranks Portugal in 15th place most attractive location to do business in the EU, ahead of many southern and eastern European countries competing with Portugal for international investment, and 34th place in the world’s 190 economies.

According to a study published in the European Central Bank’s Bulletin, Portugal is one of the three countries in Europe with less restrictions to foreign direct investment. Portugal has "virtually" no restrictions on inbound foreign investment.

For international investors looking for a place to invest in Europe, Portugal offers several advantages. Portugal is an ideal location for nearshoring industrial and services facilities because of its access to Europe’s 500 million consumers’ market. Portugal also offers access to the Portuguese-speaking countries in four continents: Europe, America, Africa and Asia. The country has good road infrastructures and telecommunications networks and has three deep-water ports.

Portugal has a proven track record of successful foreign investments across a wide range of sectors. Volkswagen’s Portuguese auto-plant, Autoeuropa, is one of the auto group’s most productive plants. Many other international investors have plants, shared services centres and other business facilities in Portugal, such as Nokia Siemens Networks. Microsoft, Colt, Ikea, BNP Paribas etc.

This guide reviews the main aspects to be considered by foreign investors looking at Portugal as a place to invest, such as how to set up of a business, government incentives, employment rules, tax system, intellectual property protection, investing in real estate and judicial system.

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