On April 25, the IRS released its Exempt Organization Newsletter, Issue Number 2013-7. Topics include the following

  1. EO Director, at annual Georgetown conference, announces release of Colleges and Universities report
  2. New features debut on EO’s webpages
  3. Register for EO workshops
  4. Attend the Exempt Organizations Workshop at the 2013 Tax Forums
  1. EO Director, at annual Georgetown conference, announces release of Colleges and Universities report

Director Lois G. Lerner announced the release of EO’s Final Report on Colleges and Universities in remarks today at an annual conference in Washington, D.C. sponsored by Georgetown University. News release.

The multi-year project, begun in 2008, included a questionnaire sent to 400 colleges and universities and the subsequent audits of 34 selected academic institutions. The final report focuses on the results of these examinations, especially in the areas of unrelated business income and executive compensation.

2010 interim report focused on results from the questionnaire.  The final report also provides additional analysis of the questionnaire responses.

In her remarks, Ms. Lerner cited the study as an example of the long-term compliance projects EO undertakes.

“Many of our projects are complex, require sophisticated planning, and go through many phases over their lifetimes – including questionnaire development, statistical sample design, training, data gathering and analysis, and exams,” she said. “Add to that, that all new work must be coordinated among different EO units in a way that accommodates already on-going work. So projects rarely, if ever, fit conveniently into a one-year work-plan cycle.”

  1. New features debut on EO’s webpages

With more than 1 million visitors a month, EO’s website is a main source of information about tax administration for many in the tax-exempt sector. Continual updates and improvements help make the visit more efficient and rewarding for those readers.

Our goal is to make your visits to the site more useful. To further that goal, we have re-opened our email feedback channel,EO.Web.Comments@irs.gov, so you can provide comments, suggestions, and problems you may have with the EO website pages.

Comments have already resulted in some positive changes, such as:

  • Added a News feature on the top right-hand side of the homepage to help call attention to current topics and new developments
  • Moved the A-Z Index – the best guide to what information is located where – to a more prominent position on the left-hand side
  • Launched new webpages that tell the story of EO Examinations, including what to expect if you are audited

Fact: EO Select Check, the place to search for charities and their exempt status, receives more than 600,000 visits a month.