In a case that demonstrates the importance of providing adequate training to community support workers, a residential care facility and two community support workers have been found in breach of the Code for various failures in their care of an adult resident with intellectual impairments.

The mother of a patient with intellectual disabilities complained about the care provided in a residential facility. The Commissioner's investigation highlighted a number of incidents of concern, including one occasion where a community support worker had forced the patient's hand towards his mouth and pulled him off his chair and taken him to his room as a form of behaviour management.  While the Commissioner accepted that the support worker's training in managing challenging behaviours was inadequate, he concluded that the support worker's actions were inappropriate, disrespectful and breached Right 1 of the Code. The Commissioner also found that another support worker breached the Code for failing to document when they had not administered the patient's medication, and that care facility breached the Code for various organisational failures including, failing to ensure good record keeping and incident reporting, failing to provide adequate training to ensure a safe environment and failing to respond to and monitor concerns about medication management. 11HDC00712