On June 23rd 2016, the UK voted historically to leave the European Union. After months of campaigning the results were announced early on Friday 24th June that with 52% of the vote, the leave campaign had been successful – and so began the fall out.

Prime Minister David Cameron wasted no time in offering up his resignation and passing the baton to his successor, he or she would be the one to invoke the now well known ‘Article 50’ , an action which would begin the lengthy and complicated process of exiting the EU. Meanwhile Boris Johnson, the strongest advocate for the leave campaign has stressed that “The UK is part of Europe and always will be” yet five days after the result there still doesn’t appear to be any answer to the question of ‘ how?’

So just what exactly is going to happen next? And what is the real view of those who voted now we have a result berg MD Richard Clark joined a panel on BBC Radio Live Phil Williams Show.

With a panel of four remain voters and five leave voters plus politics Professor from the University of Manchester, Andrew Russell it was clear that there was agreement on one issue with a huge proportion of blame being laid solely at David Cameron’s door as a man who clearly does not have a plan. Andrew Russell commented that what we are seeing is a natural fall out of such a close result referendum and what we are experiencing is a great deal of uncertainty and anxiety. The leave voters on the panel expressed disgust with David Cameron for not having a plan, stating that the whole system is disorganised with not even the leave side knowing what’s next.

Sharing his view Richard Clark had to say

“I think David Cameron has responsibility towards the country in his role as Prime Minister, but he hasn’t considered all the eventualities, I’m massively disappointed. We have no plan; the polls indicated that the result would be close. There isn’t a plan, and now we’re in a situation where no one is interested in one, they’re just interested in their own jobs, which really sums up the campaign, the politicians leading it and the way it was run”

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