After the Conto Energia III had only entered into force as of January 1 of this year, it became known at the beginning of March of this year that PV promotion in Italy was surprisingly intended to be subject to new review in the short term and that all systems not put into operation by May 31 of this year would already be subject to a new feed-in regime ("Conto Energia IV"). Those announcements had lately caused considerable uncertainty within the industry. After weeks of struggle between the competent ministries, the Italian cabinet then comprehensively reorganized PV promotion in Italy at the beginning of May.

On principle, the new promotion regime differentiates between small and large systems. Small systems include (i) roof-top PV systems with a capacity of up to one megawatt, (ii) ground-mounted PV systems with a capacity of up to 200 kilowatts with own consumption as well as (iii) PV systems mounted on the ground or roofs of the public sector. According to the Conto Energia IV, it will be determined depending on whether a system has to be regarded as a small or large system, if expansion as such will be limited or whether the corresponding system is merely subject to decreasing feed-in remuneration – which is partially assessed as being moderate - in the future.

For further details of the new Italian feed-in regime, please refer to the detailed description of it in the category of Bird & Bird contributions in this issue.