The unfair labor practice hearing over Boeing's decision to locate a second assembly line for Dreamliner production in South Carolina began in Seattle on June 14. An administrative law judge will decide whether the company created the second assembly line at its non-union plant to retaliate against a union workforce at its Washington state facility that had a long history of strikes. At the first session of the hearing Boeing filed a motion to dismiss, and the parties spent hours trying to resolve 53 very broad document requests by the National Labor Relations Board. The ALJ also ruled that 16 right-to-work states can file amicus briefs on the issue of remedies should the allegations of the complaint be sustained.

To accommodate spectators, the hearing was moved to a grand old courtroom normally used by the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit. Attorneys for both sides estimate that trial will take approximately six weeks. The ALJ has indicated that he will not schedule the six weeks consecutively.