Recently, there has been increased concern over the ever slipping timetable of the Draft Data Protection Regulation, see here and here for our previous commentary on the issue.

According to Thomas Zerdick, the Head of Reform at the European Commission's Data Protection Unit, the Data Protection Regulation is on ‘a good track’ for agreement next year.

However, the UK's Information Commissioner, Christopher Graham expressed concern that an over-prescriptive regulation would be counter-productive. He said there is a danger of creating something that cannot be done and therefore will be of less use than the current regime. Graham also emphasised the need for global solutions in data protection regulation, agreeing that modernisation was essential, but highlighted the need to ‘engage with partners all around the world’.

The next stage is to reach a consensus with the European Council of Ministers. The legislation is still highly likely to take the form of a Regulation (directly applicable in member states) as opposed to a Directive, which would be implemented through national legislation, despite the UK’s objection.

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