What to do when you suspect affinity fraud

If you are suspicious, it is best to notify the appropriate police authorities immediately. In addition, individuals should contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre [1] to report any type of fraud. The sooner the scheme is reported to the authorities, the greater the likelihood of financial recovery for the victims of the scheme and the chances of catching the fraudster.


“I can’t believe it could happen to me” is often said by many victims as they rehash the situation over and over again. Every individual is part of a group or community, whether it is based on religion, age, race or ethnic background, and therefore everyone is susceptible to affinity fraud. In order to avoid financial losses, it is imperative to be able to identify warning signs and characteristics of this type of fraud. Perform proper due diligence, and report any questionable activities to the appropriate officials.

In cases where senior management suspects fraud in their organization, they can reach out to consulting firms like ours. We can assist by providing services such as background checks, reviewing suspicious transactions and completing investigations to determine if fraud occurred and who may have been responsible to help build a case for litigation and possible financial recovery.