Earlier this month,OFAC published guidance related to transportation between the United States and Cuba. An OFAC general license permits carrier services to facilitate travel between the two countries via aircraft for twelve categories of travel specified in the Cuban Assets Control Regulations (CACR). The new guidance outlines which individuals may be transported between the United States and Cuba by air carrier services acting under the general license and by commercial passenger vessels with specific OFAC licenses. It also highlights the need to obtain BIS authorization for the “temporary sojourn” of aircraft and vessels in Cuba and requires persons providing travel and carrier services pursuant to general or specific licenses to retain for five years customer certifications indicating the section of the CACR authorizing each customer’s travel to Cuba.

The guidance also defines the type of cargo that may be transported by the travel and carrier services from Cuba to the United States and vice versa. For example, the services may transport up to $400 in Cuban merchandise for personal use that accompanies an authorized customer traveling to the United States. For travel to Cuba, the services may transport baggage accompanying an authorized customer if BIS has authorized the export.

See the guidance on OFAC’s website.