Six television broadcast stations serving the Washington, D.C.-Baltimore market will be the first in the nation to launch free mobile television services through the Mobile DTV system that is the brainchild of the Open Mobile Video Coalition. Affiliates of the NBC, CBS, PBS and Fox based in Washington, D.C. will join Baltimore area station WNUV and WPXW, an independent station based in Manassas, Virginia in conducting tests this summer of Mobile DTV system which would operate on digital subchannels associated with each broadcaster’s DTV frequency allotment. Unlike Qualcomm’s MediaFLO system and the private equity-backed MobiTV network that work primarily with cell phones, Mobile DTV would also bring real-time local television broadcasts to laptop PCs, portable DVD players, in-car video screens and other wireless devices. Although no devices are currently on the market that are capable of receiving Mobile DVD broadcasts, handset manufacturers such as LG Electronics and Samsung are developing prototype cell phones and other gadgets that would support the Mobile DVD system. At the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB) trade show this week, computer maker Dell Inc. demonstrated a prototype laptop with a built-in Mobile DVD receiver, and technology firm Kenwood Corp. is developing Mobile DVD receivers for cars. Contingent upon the results of the Washington area tests, seventy additional stations in 28 markets that include New York, Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco intend to launch Mobile DTV broadcast services later this year.