On August 22nd, the Federal Reserve Board proposed a two-year phase-in period for most savings and loan holding companies ("SLHCs") to file Federal Reserve regulatory reports with the Board and an exemption for some SLHCs from initially filing Federal Reserve regulatory reports. Under the Dodd-Frank Act, supervisory and rulemaking authority for SLHCs and their non-depository subsidiaries was transferred from the OTS to the Board. The Board previously sought comment on whether to require SLHCs to submit the same reports as bank holding companies. After considering the comments it received, the Federal Reserve Board proposes to exempt a limited number of SLHCs from initial regulatory reporting using the Federal Reserve's existing regulatory reports and a two-year phase-in period for regulatory reporting for all other SLHCs. Exempt SLHCs would continue to submit Schedule HC, which is currently a part of the Thrift Financial Report, and the OTS H-(b)11 Annual/Current Report. Comments should be submitted on or before November 1, 2011. Proposal; Federal Reserve Board Press Release.